Basin, the yuwang after years of exploration, in the original conventional curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating, on the basis of the study with great concentration, conquer the construction of environmental protection, the facade construction and heating rear can construction and a series of historic problem, make the waterproof coating is more widely used in curing, roofing, underground pipe rack and other kinds of waterproof engineering.


YWT-800 Super polyethylene tire root piercing waterproof roll

Polymer Series Waterproof Rolling Material

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YWT-800 super polyethylene tire root-piercing waterproof rolling material, with modified polyethylene as the matrix, double-sided coating polymer modified self-adhesive asphalt adhesive, at the same time in the gum added root inhibitor, coating surface insulation material made of waterproof rolling material. The hot melt method or compound paste method should be adopted in the construction of this coil material.





with ethylene tire body physical resistance within the root and colloid chemical agent added dual resistance of root effect, compared to conventional chemical resistance of SBS modified asphalt waterproof coiled material single root resistance agent is added in the colloid, resistance effect more security.

polyethylene tire body good ductility, tensile strength, elongation is as 5 times as the traditional SBS modified asphalt waterproofing materials, in addition to the extension of its excellent performance and can avoid the cupreous embryo root waterproofing materials base resistance in the process of production and construction fracture cause incomplete root layer.

polyethylene tire body itself has good compactness and waterproof effect, and the SBS chemical

Elongation at break/%≥
Portrait:120(national standard),120(YWT standard)
Landscape :120(national standard),120(YWT standard)

Tensile properties

-20(national standard)
-20/-25(YWT standard)

Low temperature flexibility/℃

0.4MPa 30min impervious(national standard)
0.8MPa 120min impervious(YWT standard)

Impervious to water

Tension/(N/50mm) ≥
Portrait:400(national standard),800(YWT standard)
Landscape :400(national standard),800(YWT standard)

Tensile properties

Physical Index

GB 18967-2009《polyethylene tire modified asphalt waterproof rolling material》national standard
GB/T 35468-2017《root-resistant puncture waterproof rolling material for planting roofing》national standard



It is mainly applicable to the waterproof works of roof, basement roof, pipe gallery roof and water system landscape of planting engineering.