BNBM-Yuwang:State Owned Enterprise Granted for “China Grand Award for Industry”


Customized product liability insurance
Project special record

After-sale Service

Project design
Technical scheme and disclosure
Special technical exchange and training
Standardized construction model
On site technical support

On Sale Service

Project design
According to the characteristics of the project, geographical location, exploration report and design requirements, professional technical personnel are sent to recommend more suitable scheme and field technical guidance to eliminate potential leakage.
Technology optimization design
According to different projects and residential construction environment, it is suggested to adopt different waterproof design levels, and then formulate systematic waterproof design scheme according to the project.

Pre sales Service



BNBM Yuwang strictly abides by the service tenet of "service first, customer first", and strictly abides by the following service commitments: promise to guarantee the timeliness of warranty, arrive at the scene in time, respond within two hours when problems occur at the scene, arrive at the scene within 24 hours, solve non system problems within 10 hours, and solve system problems within 48 hours.
Project return visit: during and after the project warranty period, our company still has return visit warranty personnel to carry out regular return visit, inspection, testing, repair and maintenance services. include:
Seasonal return visit, return visit after warranty period, warranty record data, etc.


48 hours to solve system problems

10 hours to solve non system problems

24 hours to the construction site

        BNBM Yuwang member enterprises have decades of technical service support experience, and have long served in municipal construction, railway transportation, national key projects, military bases, schools, hospitals and other fields. With its own professional construction team, we can formulate corresponding waterproof scheme and construction plan according to the customer's needs, and solve the waterproof problems of customers one-stop.
        BNBM Yuwang not only pays attention to the development and production of waterproof products, but also makes waterproof construction as the window of inspection products, and has been developing new construction technology, construction technology and construction equipment. Several anti leakage construction systems, such as SBS hot melt construction method, thin layer stack waterproof system, coating and roll composite waterproof system, have been developed successively. A number of leading waterproof construction technologies and equipment such as self-developed coating spraying machine of hot melt spraying machine have been developed. At the same time, we have always paid attention to personnel training, and held many training in enterprises every year. All employees who enter BNBM waterproof must be trained by the professional training of the practical operation base before they can enter the specific work; And the construction personnel to hold practical training, all unqualified shall not enter the construction site. BNBM Yuwang practical operation training center is the training base for waterproof workers in the national building materials industry special professional skills (040) appraisal station. The technology construction level is improved, vocational skill education is strengthened, and high skilled personnel training is promoted. It has provided the first-class engineering technicians and professional construction operation technicians for the industry training.
        Facing the market demand, the group has established application technology heart in each base, extensively verified and demonstrated waterproof materials and construction technology, strengthened training for project management personnel, construction personnel and marketing team, ensured the project quality and service quality of customer terminal, and helped upgrade construction technology and construction quality.