BNBM Yuwang waterproof coating series products can be divided into polymer waterproof coating, polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating and polymer cement waterproof coating.


FMJ -160
Non-curable Rubberized Bitumen Waterproof Coating

Waterproof Coating Series

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Non-curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating is based on high-quality petroleum asphalt, functional polymer modifier and special additive are mixed curing materials prepared by curing materials. It is a viscous colloid at room temperature. After heating, it is heated. The viscosity decreases and presents a flowing liquid state.





Long-lasting viscous state, resisting the "dynamic" undesirable factors such as the vibration generated by the building or the displacement of the structure itself.

Slow down the stress generated by the vibration of the building structure on the waterproof layer, so that the waterproof system is not affected by external stress and improve the waterproof effect.

For the random occurrence of environmental cracks and environmental changes, because the non-curing coating has strong creep, the coating has a perfect "self-healing" function, and the waterproof effect is lasting

100% full adhesion to the base layer, completely eliminating the risk of drowning.

The material can be directly applied to corrosive waterproofing engineering, and the material properties are not affected at all.

1. It is strictly forbidden to heat with open flame.
2.When heating with electric heating equipment, the material should be stirred while heating after melting. It is strictly forbidden to heat for a long time to prevent the material from aging and precipitation due to excessive local temperature.


Before the construction of fmj-160 non curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating, heating equipment such as heater or barrel stripper shall be used for melting, and the heating temperature shall not exceed 170 ℃. If the non curing coating and hot-melt asphalt coil are used in combination, the coil shall be unfolded at the snap line position, rolled up after pre-laid alignment, scraped or sprayed with non curing coating, and the coil shall be bonded with the non curing construction; if the non curing coating and high molecular polyethylene polypropylene (polyester) coil or thin self-adhesive coil are used in combination, the coating and coil shall be selected to be synchronous according to the construction temperature Construction, or construction coating interval after a period of time construction coil.
Reference dosage: 1.0mm thick coating, total dosage of coating is about 1.3 ~ 1.5kg/㎡.
Packaging: closed iron barrel packaging, 20kg / barrel.

Spraying method,Scraping method



0.6MPa,No channeling water


65℃,No drooling, sliding, dripping

Heat resistance

-20℃,No crack

Low temperature flexibility

Dry bas:100% cohesive failure
Wet base:100% cohesive failure

Bonding performance


Solid content


Flash point

Physical Index

JC/T2428-2017《Non-cured rubber asphalt waterproof coating》





Waterproof Engineering

National Stadium

Waterproof Engineering

Beijing Wukesong Shopping Center

It is mainly used for waterproofing and plugging projects such as underground, flat roof, subway, tunnel, culvert, road and bridge.