Polymer waterproof materials are one of the chemical building materials, with environmental protection and excellent physical and chemical properties, widely used in residential buildings, industrial and commercial buildings, water conservancy projects and underground engineering and other building waterproof engineering. Beixin waterproof polymer waterproof roll is made of synthetic rubber, synthetic resin or the blend of the two as the base material, adding the right amount of chemical additives and filler, using the processing technology of rubber or plastics such as mixing, extrusion or calendering can be rolled into sheets of waterproof material.


YWG Series Waterproof Board

Polymer waterproof material series products

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1、YWG-820 HDPE waterproof board
2、YWG-830 EVA waterproof board
3、YWG-840 ECB waterproof board

Product Classification:


The product is made of HDPE/EVA/ECB resin as raw material, with various additives such as reinforcement, antioxidant, anti-aging agent, etc., and is made of homogeneous waterproof plate by heating, melting, plasticizing, extrusion, roller calendaring and cooling. The main varieties are EVA waterproof board, ECB waterproof board, HDPE waterproof board. It can also be glued to the surface of the geotechnical sling, forming a uniform waterproof board with sling. YWG series homogeneous waterproof board has high strength, large extension and strong deformation resistance. Good impermeability, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance and puncture resistance; Good chemical stability, non - toxic, environmental protection.



Do a good test welding job:Conduct test welding before construction to determine the walking speed and welding temperature.
Clean up the debris in time:During the construction process, the residue should be cleaned frequently to keep the working surface clean.
Guarantee weld seam quality:When double-seam welding is adopted, the lap width is ≥80mm, and the effective width of each weld is not less than 10mm.
Single seam welding lap width ≥60 mm, effective width of welding seam not less than 30mm.
Note pressure adjustment:Welding machine pressure directly affects the construction quality, during the construction process, if the pressure is not suitable, it must be stopped and adjusted.
Construction is prohibited on days of rain, snow and wind force 5 or above.

The key point of welding

Using automatic weld machine with welding method construction in large area construction (single seam welding or double seam welding), detail processing with hand-held welding gun construction.

Welding construction




Bond peeling strength (between sheets)
Standard test conditions/(N/mm)

≤-35,No crack

Low temperature bending temperature/℃


Tearing strength/(KN/m)


Elongation at break/%


Tensile strength/MPa

Physical Index

YWG-820 HDPE, YWG-830 EVA GB/T18173.1-2012 "high polymer waterproof membrane - part 1: sheet material" JS2;
YWG-840 ECB GB/ T18173.1-2012 "high polymer waterproof materials -- part 1: sheet material" JS3.



0.3,30min,no leakage


Harbinxi Railway Station

Waterproof engineering

Waterproof engineering

Zhungeer-Shuozhou Railway

Suitable for tunnel, subway, bridge, planting, water landscape and artificial burial and other waterproof, impermeable engineering.