BNBM Yuwang waterproof coating series products can be divided into polymer waterproof coating, polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating and polymer cement waterproof coating.


Two-component Polyurethane Waterproof coating

Waterproof Coating Series

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According to the tensile properties, it can be divided into three categories: I, II and III.

Product Classification:


The two-component polyurethane waterproof coating is a film formed by reaction and solidification of two components A and B. Component A is a transparent to light yellow viscous liquid containing isocyanate end group generated by polymerization of polyether, polyisocyanate and other raw materials; Component B is a paste formed by mixing and processing of cross-linking agent, accelerator, toughener, tackifier, mould inhibitor, filler and pigment. When in use, A and B components are mixed in a certain proportion, stirred evenly, scraped and coated on the base surface, and after several hours of reaction curing, a waterproof coating with elasticity, toughness and durability is formed.





It does not contain toxic and harmful substances such as coal tar.

It is solidified at normal temperature, the waterproof layer is seamless, flat and smooth, and firmly bonded with the base.

It is easy to construct in the position with complex shape, and the effect is better than that of coiled material.

Liquid cooling construction, simple and convenient operation.

It has long service life, weather resistance, aging resistance, oil and acid-base resistance, and wide application range, and can be used on the upstream and downstream water surfaces.

1. When the coating is not fully cured, it is strictly prohibited to get on or carry out the next construction.
2. Construction is strictly prohibited in rainy days, and contact with rainwater is strictly prohibited before film curing.
3. The construction temperature should be 5-35 ℃.
4. There shall be no open water on the wet foundation surface of underground works, and construction shall be carried out 24 hours after drainage.
5. Reference dosage: 1.0mm thick coating, the total dosage of coating is about 1.4-1.6kg/m2.


Construction of additional layer: the weak parts such as internal and external corners and through wall pipes shall be reinforced with additional layer. It can be made into "one cloth and two coatings", in which the carcass reinforcement material should preferably be polyester non-woven. During the construction, it is necessary to brush the coating once, then immediately lay the matrix reinforcement material, and then brush the coating on the surface.
Large area painting: large area waterproof construction can only be carried out after the additional layer of node is dry. During the plane construction, the mixed coating shall be evenly poured on the base course, and then the coating and scraping construction shall be carried out. During facade construction, scratch from bottom to top. 1.5-2.0 thick waterproof coating is suitable for 2-3 times of scraping. The width of construction joint shall not be less than 100 mm. Each time of scraping shall be conducted in the direction perpendicular to each other.

Base cleaning: the dust, sand, mortar, hard block and other sundries on the surface shall be cleaned. Roof water outlets, air vents, equipment and facilities, sanitary facilities, etc. shall be installed firmly, with tight and flat joints.
Ingredient ratio: component A: component B = 1:2
The two-component polyurethane coating belongs to the reactive curing type and must be proportioned strictly. It is required to measure accurately, and the deviation of a and B components after mixing shall not be greater than 5%. After accurate weighing, pour it into the batching bucket, mix it with the electric mixer for 3-5 minutes, and use up the batching amount within 20-30 minutes each time.

Spraying method, scraping method




Dry time / h


Surface dry time / h


Solid content /%,

0.3MPa, 120min impermeable


I≥15    Ⅱ≥30    Ⅲ≥40

Tear strength / (n / mm)

I≥500    Ⅱ≥450    Ⅲ≥250

Elongation at break /%

I≥2.0    Ⅱ≥6.0    Ⅲ≥12.0

Tensile strength / MPa

Physical Index       

GB/T 19250-2013《Polyurethane waterproof coating》



≤-35℃,No, creaking

Low temperature bending property/ ℃

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The product is widely used in hidden waterproof and anti-seepage works such as railway, tunnel, bridge, track, culvert, pool, roof, underground, toilet and bath room, and also in non-exposed roof works。