Basin, the yuwang after years of exploration, in the original conventional curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating, on the basis of the study with great concentration, conquer the construction of environmental protection, the facade construction and heating rear can construction and a series of historic problem, make the waterproof coating is more widely used in curing, roofing, underground pipe rack and other kinds of waterproof engineering.


YWF-800 Super Protective Polymer Self-adhesive Waterproof Coil Material

Polymer Series Waterproof Rolling Material

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Product specification:

20.0    15.0




1.5      2.0



YWF-800 super protective self-adhesive polymer rolling material, with high-performance polymer material as the matrix, double-sided coating polymer modified self-adhesive asphalt adhesive, the surface is covered with impact resistant fiber cloth insulation material made of waterproof rolling material. The construction method of this coil should be wet laid or pasted.





high strength fiber insulation material with high strength impact resistance performance, may be exempted from coil in the construction process of isolation layer and protective layer.

excellent tensile ability, application performance can achieve polyester felt coil of equal effect.

super impervious to resist water pressure is 0.8 Mpa, especially suitable for large buried depth, high water level, with vibration, have erosion medium waterproof engineering.

construction without fire without harmful gas in the process of produce and release, harmless to the environment and human health.

Elongation at maximum tension/%≥
national standard (H):50
YWF standard:60

Tensile properties

national standard(H):0.3MPa impermeable
YWF standard:0.8MPa impermeable

Water impermeability(120min)

national standard(H):
No provisions
YWF standard:300

Tear strength of nail rod/ N

pull/(N/50mm) ≥national standard (type H):300
YWF standard:800

Tensile strength (without treatment)

national standard(H):-20
YWF standard:-20/-25

low temperature flexibility/℃

national standard (H):20
YWF standard:60

Tear strength/N ≥

Physical Index

GB/T 35467-2017《wet shop waterproof rolling material》national standard。



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Waterproof Engineering

Mainly applicable to industrial and civil buildings, public buildings and other types of underground, roof waterproof works, especially for deep foundation underground works.