BNBM Yuwang waterproof coating series products can be divided into polymer waterproof coating, polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating and polymer cement waterproof coating.


Type I and type II according to physical properties

Product classification:

Single Component Acrylic Waterproof Coating

Waterproof Coating Series

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Acrylic waterproof coating is a single component water-based emulsion made from YISHION acrylic polymer emulsion and other additives. The waterproof film formed after the curing of waterproof coating has certain extensibility, elastoplasticity, crack resistance, impermeability and weather resistance, which can play the role of waterproof, anti-seepage and protection. Waterproof coating has good temperature adaptability, easy operation, easy maintenance and repair.





Excellent low temperature resistance, elasticity, elongation, water resistance and crack resistance.

Excellent aging resistance, no discoloration of coating.

It can be constructed on wet base surface with certain air permeability.

Super strong adhesive force, suitable for masonry, concrete, glass, wood, metal, gypsum, rubber, mortar and other base surfaces.

Non toxic and harmless, zero VOC, safety and environmental protection.

Convenient construction, rapid solidification, high efficiency and short construction period.

It can be made into a color protective surface to beautify the environment.

1. When the coating is not fully cured, it is strictly prohibited to get on or carry out the next construction.
2. Construction is strictly prohibited in rainy days, and contact with rainwater is strictly prohibited before film curing.
3. The construction temperature should be 5-35 ℃.
4. When it is used in the kitchen, bathroom and other humid environment, 5-10% cement can be added.
5. Reference dosage: 1.0mm thick coating, the dosage of coating is about 1.8-2.0kg/m2.


4. Large surface painting: during the construction of waterproof layer, painting can be carried out in several times according to the painting thickness, and the painting can only be carried out once before the painting is dry (generally 4-12 hours apart), and the painting direction of each time shall be perpendicular to each other.
5. Construction of protective layer: for the painted waterproof layer, protective measures shall be taken in time. After the waterproof layer is completely dry, closed water test shall be carried out. After acceptance, construction of protective isolation layer shall be carried out according to the design requirements.

Construction sequence: base course treatment → detail treatment → bottom coating → painting by stages.
1. Base treatment: the base shall be firm, flat and solid without sharp corners, floating ash, oil stains and obvious water stains. The internal and external corners shall be made into circular arc by cement mortar or sealing paste. Cracks in the base course and grooves at the pipe root shall be filled with sealing materials.
2. Primer treatment: in order to improve the construction cohesiveness, the primer shall be applied once before construction (without leakage).
3. Detail treatment: during the detail treatment, the fiber reinforced material shall be sandwiched between the coatings, so that the fiber reinforced material is fully soaked by the waterproof coating, and there shall be no white stubble or fold.

Spraying method, brushing method




Heating expansion rate /%

Heating treatment/Alkali treatment/acid treatment/Artificial climate aging treatment

Elongation at break after treatment/%

Heating treatment/Alkali treatment/acid treatment/Artificial climate aging treatment

Tensile strength retention rate after treatment /%


Hard drying time


Surface drying time


Solid content/%

no cracking

Cold flexibility/℃, Bend 180 ° around φ 10 mm rod


Elongation at break,%

I≥1.0   Ⅱ≥1.5

Tensile Strength, MPa

Physical Properties

JC/T864-2008《polymer emulsion building waterproof coating》




Water impermeability

Waterproof Engineering

Beijing Chaoyang Stadium

Waterproof Engineering

Beijing Chaoyang Stadium

It is suitable for waterproof and anti-seepage engineering of roof, kitchen and bathroom, floor of various buildings.