Basin, the yuwang after years of exploration, in the original conventional curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating, on the basis of the study with great concentration, conquer the construction of environmental protection, the facade construction and heating rear can construction and a series of historic problem, make the waterproof coating is more widely used in curing, roofing, underground pipe rack and other kinds of waterproof engineering.


YWF-600High ductility wet paving polymer reaction adhesive waterproof rolling material

Polymer Series Waterproof Rolling Material

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Product specifications:

20.0     15.0




1.5      2.0


YWQ-600 high ductility wet laying polymer reactive adhesive waterproof film is mainly composed of a strong cross film, coated with high quality petroleum asphalt gum, and coated with a waterproof material of adhesive film binding made of isolation film. The construction method of this coil should be wet laid or pasted.





With a certain degree of stability. It can well fix its own size without deformation.
It has double tear resistance. The vertical and horizontal network structure effectively solves the phenomenon that it is easy to wrinkle and swell after construction.

It has uv resistance. Ensure the use of high temperature outdoor conditions.With a high degree of strength and extension. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature.

Unique puncture resistance. Nail rod has excellent water tightness and waterproof performance, which is better than ordinary film.

national standard(E):25
YWQ standard:50

Tear strength/N ≥

Elongation phenomenon: no separation between adhesive layer and polymer film

Tensile properties

Elongation at maximum tension/%≥
national standard(E):180
YWQ standard:300

Tensile properties

national standard(E):-20
YWQ standard:-20/-25

low temperature flexibility/℃

Tension/(N/50mm) ≥
national standard(E):200
YWQ standard:300

Tensile properties

Physical Index

GB/T 35467-2017《wet shop waterproof rolling material》national standard。



Ningbo Lishe Airport

Waterproof Engineering

Waterproof Engineering

Wuhan-guangzhou high iron

Waterproof Engineering

Dalian intercity railway

Suitable for basement, roof, pipe gallery, tunnel, subway and other waterproof works.