Polymer waterproof materials are one of the chemical building materials, with environmental protection and excellent physical and chemical properties, widely used in residential buildings, industrial and commercial buildings, water conservancy projects and underground engineering and other building waterproof engineering. Beixin waterproof polymer waterproof roll is made of synthetic rubber, synthetic resin or the blend of the two as the base material, adding the right amount of chemical additives and filler, using the processing technology of rubber or plastics such as mixing, extrusion or calendering can be rolled into sheets of waterproof material.

Polymer waterproof material series products

Non-Bituminous Based Polymer Self-Adhering Waterproof Membrane

Polymer waterproof material series products

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Full thickness of membrane/mm:

Beixin Yuwang YWZ-211 non- bituminous based high polymer self-adhesive film waterproof membrane can be divided into two types according to the upper surface material: special particle anti-adhesive layer and isolation film anti-adhesive layer.

Product Classification:


Upper surface isolation material
Special particle anti-adhesive layer/isolation film anti-adhesive layer

The product is made of high polymer sheet, non-bituminous high polymer self-adhesive glue and special particle anti-adhesive layer (or isolation film anti-adhesive layer) which can be bonded with post-cast concrete. The special active substance in the adhesive material determines that the membrane can cross-link with the flowing concrete, so as to realize the full adhesion of membrane and post-cast concrete (pre-laid anti-adhesion), eliminate the occurrence of "channeling water", and form the waterproof system of "rigid and flexible complementary".


The flat construction adopts the pre-laid anti-adhesion method, and the facade construction adopts the mechanical fixation method.

Pre-laid method

The membrane is empty on the base layer, the material is overlapped well, and the reinforcement is directly tied and concrete is poured. After the concrete solidifies, it is 100% firmly bonded with the membrane and forms an airtight waterproof layer.

Pre-laid method


Adhesive layer -25, no crack

Low temperature flexible/℃

Main material -35, no crack

Cold bending/℃

120min impermeable


4h Water tight

Resistance to channeling (hydraulic gradient)

2h no slip, flow, drip

Heat resistance/℃


Nail tear resistance

The tensile strength/MPa ≥16
Film break elongation/%≥400
During stretching, there is no separation between the adhesive layer and the main material

Tensile properties

Physical Index

GB/ t23457-2017 "pre-laid waterproof membrane" category P


Qingdao jiaozhou binhe China resources project

Waterproof engineering

Waterproof engineering

Chongqing junyi hotel project

It is mainly used in the waterproof engineering of a of underground pre-laid anti-adhesion construction.