According to its use function, beixinyuwang hot melt modified asphalt waterproof rolling material can be divided into ordinary type, root and piercing resistant type, salt and alkali resistant type, road and bridge special type, decorative type, etc., applicable to a wide range of fields


Polyethylene Reinforcement Modified Bitumen Root Resistant Waterproof Membrane

Modified asphalt Waterproof Roll (hot melt series)

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Product Specification:


The product is made of modified polyethylene material as the base, double-coated high-polymer modified bitumen cement, and chemical anti-blocking agent added to the gel, and the surface is covered with a waterproof material made of insulating material.





Both the high strength of the polyester tire coil and the large extension of the polyethylene tire coil. Combines the advantages of polyester tires and polyethylene tires.

While mainly based on chemical resistance, the denseness of the carcass can also produce the auxiliary effect of mechanical strength and root blockage. It is a waterproof material with double root resistance.

The material has good permeability resistance, strong resistance to structural deformation and good flexibility.

Strong corrosion resistance, even if it is immersed in acid-alkaline water for a long time, the waterproof performance and durability are not affected.

4. positioning the pop-up baseline, trial shop.
5. Construction of large-faced coils, to achieve hot-melt and full-construction construction, unwinding the coils in the position of the elastic line, baking the hot-melt adhesive on the bottom of the coil with a spray gun, and spreading the coils. The roller is compacted and the air is discharged to firmly bond the coil to the substrate.

1. When applying the base treatment agent, the thickness should be uniform and uniform, and there should be no leakage and accumulation.
2. The distance between the nozzle of the flame spray gun and the surface of the coil should be moderate. The heating within the width should be uniform. The surface of the coil should be fused to bright black. Do not overheat the coil.
3. After the surface of the coil is hot-melted, the coil should be rolled immediately. When rolling, the air under the coil should be removed to make it flat and firmly adhered.
4, when laying the coil material should be smooth and straight, the overlap size is accurate, not to be distorted.

Construction Notes:

Construction by hot melt method. That is, a flame spray gun is used to bake the hot melt adhesive of the bottom layer of the coil for bonding.Pay attention to controlling the flame during construction and heat it evenly.
1. Check whether the quality of the waterproof base layer meets the specifications and design requirements, and clean or clean it with a broom or cleaning equipment. If there are defects such as unevenness, sanding, peeling, cracking, and fixing of the embedded parts, the civil construction unit should promptly repair it.
2. Apply the base treatment agent. The base treatment agent should be continuous and uniform. It should not leak the bottom. After the base treatment agent is completely dried, the next construction is carried out.
3.additional reinforcement treatment, before the construction of large-area waterproof layer, for some detailed joint parts, the coil material is used for additional reinforcement treatment, and the lap joint and the head are sealed.

Hot melt method




Root penetration performance

Retention rate after heat aging treatment/%:
≥80or coil destruction

Seam peel strength

No treatment/(N/mm):≥1.5

Seam peel strength

Level 0 or level 1

Mold resistance

Application Performance&Root penetration performance




Bitumen coating layer thickness on the lower surface of the membrane/mm


Elongation at break/%

no crack

Low temperature flexibility/℃

No drooling, no blistering

Heat resistance/℃

30min impervious

Impervious to water/MPa

Physical Index

Physical and mechanical properties shall be in accordance with all requirements of Class R in GB 18967-2009 《Polyethylene tire modified bitumen waterproofing membrane》;
Root penetration and application performance are implemented in GB/T35468-2017《Root-resistant puncture waterproofing membrane for planting roofing》.



It is mainly suitable for waterproofing projects such as roofing, basement roof, pipe top and water system landscape.