Modified asphalt Waterproof Roll (hot melt series)


Ultra-strong Weather Resistance High Polymer Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane

Modified asphalt Waterproof Roll (hot melt series)

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10.0    10.0/7.5

Length /m:



3.0      4.0


According to the physical and mechanical properties, it can be divided into type I and type II; according to the surface isolation material, it can be divided into polyethylene film (PE), fine sand (s) and mineral aggregate (m).

Product Specification:


The product is a waterproof roll made of long fiber polyester felt as the tire base, SBS thermoplastic elastomer modified bitumen with anti-aging agent and anti ultraviolet agent as the soaking and covering materials, and two sides are covered with isolation materials. It has strong weather resistance, can adapt to the use of various complex environments, and has strong construction, excellent adhesion, and can maintain excellent waterproof effect for a long time.





It has excellent resistance to high and low temperature and aging resistance, and can adapt to waterproof and anti-seepage projects in different regions and different requirements.

The waterproof membrane maintains the reliability of the waterproofing of the bitumen material and the elasticity of the rubber material, improving the ductility, flexibility, adhesion and weather resistance. It has good high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and cold resistance, and can form a high strength waterproof layer.

It can self-heal for small cracks. It can be hot-melted and lapped during construction. The seal is reliable and the coil is resistant to fatigue.

The knot is firm, the lap joint should overflow the hot-melt modified bitumen, and the blasted parts of the fine sand and mineral granules should be grit-treated, and the detail nodes should be additionally treated, and the lap joint and the head should be sealed. After the acceptance of the polyethylene film-coated coil material, the protective layer shall be set according to relevant specifications and design requirements.

Hot melt construction

The hot-melt method is adopted, before the construction, the base layer treatment agent (full-adhesive method) should be evenly applied, and then the elastic direction of the construction direction should be determined to determine the position of the coil material, and the coil material is unfolded at the position of the elastic line to release the stress. The coil is rolled from the two ends to the middle, and the hot melt adhesive of the bottom of the coil is baked with a flame spray gun, and the coil is laid from the middle to the both ends, and the paving is compacted by a press roll to remove air, so that the coil is adhered to the base layer.

Hot melt construction



Pull retention rate%:90;Elongation retention rate /%≥80;Low temperature flexibility:-15℃/-35℃;no crack;Dimensional change rate/%≤0.7;Quality loss/%≤1.0

Heat aging (80℃ , 400 h) Low temperature flexibility


Oil permeability / number of sheets


Maximum peak elongation/%


Maximum peak pullN/50mm)

90℃    105℃
No runny, no dripping

Heat resistance/℃


Impervious to water/MPa

3mm    4mm   
≥2200    ≥3000   

Soluble content/﹙g/㎡﹚

Physical Index

Q/YW 0005 《Super weatherproof polymer modified bitumen waterproof membrane》



-20℃    -40℃
No crack

Low temperature flexibility/℃

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Waterproof Engineering

Waterproof Engineering

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Waterproof Engineering

Beijing Zoo Public transportation Hub

It is suitable for waterproofing of roof, underground, swimming pool and fire pool of various industrial and civil buildings. Waterproofing of municipal works such as subway, tunnel, comprehensive pipe gallery, bridge deck of concrete pavement, sewage treatment plant, etc. Water conservancy facilities such as canals and pools are waterproof.